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... / Margaret Taylor (aunt)

hey beautiful. i went to wal-mart today and went down the christmas aisle. i started to think of you and get sad as to how you will not be with us in body this season. i then smiled as the holy spirit told me " you celebrate jesus' birth one day a year, derrick is celebrating WITH jesus everyday." i love you dearly.

My prayers are for you.  / Jessica Fall
Unfortunately, I did not know your son, brother, nephew, cousin, or friend Derrick Rowe.  I was simply searching for a song to listen to on the internet, and this memorial site happened to load instead.  I am touched by the love and and spirit of the family.  My name is Jessica, I am eighteen years old, and I live in Ohio.  When I saw that Derrick was my age when he passed, I immediately said a prayer for him and for his family.  Clearly, his name will always be remembered through the ones that love him.  I never had the honor to meet Derrick, but I can tell how much of an impact he had on all who did know him.  I extend my prayers to all of you.  God Bless and Rest In Peace Derrick Rowe.
Peace and love to all  / Roz Angel Matt's Mom
Peace and love to all who knew Derrick. He has the best horses now and can ride all he wants. Know he is watching over you and will be there to greet you all one day. The sudden unexpected loss of such a young man is devastating. I'm glad you got to have him for the short time he did spend on this earth. He looks quite happy in his photo"s and I can tell he was surrounded by love. Know his love surrounds all of you now. My son was born on Jan. 23, 1988 and died of SIDS 9 days later on Feb. 1,1988. I am grateful to the Lord for the precious gift he trusted me with for that short time. Maybe Derrick will meet up with my Matthew in Heaven and teach him to ride. Know that I will pray for all of you each day. Peace to Angel Derrick"s Mom.
This made me think of you  / Margaret Daughter Of ^i^ Nellie Buonpane

Thought this was pretty cool for you Derrick xoxo  / Killians Mommy

God Bless you angel...Im praying for your family tonight, much love to you Marsha xoxoxo,
Luv Keena, Killians Mommy
Fly High, Cowboy  / Margaret Taylor (Aunt-his mother's sister )
   A blessing was delivered from above into the lives of my family on September 10, 1988.  We received an early gift from God named Derrick Matthew Rowe.  This beautiful baby boy was born with complications that he carried with him for 17 years.  From allergies, respiratory problems and a weak stomach at an early age, Derrick never let any of this keep him down.  He later went on to blow out his knee and required surgery.  That also didn't get the best of him.  Derrick was a fighter from day one.  He came into this world fighting for life and lived his last days doing the same.  I watched Derrick grow into the young man that he became.  I remember his kindergarten and high school graduation both as if they were yesterday.  I was very proud of his accomplishments.  With tears in my eyes I cheered for my nephew.  Derrick even struggled with school but like everything else, that never kept him down.  Some days I look at his pictures and smile while other days I cry.  I feel Derrick's presence  the most when I'm alone, maybe I'm not alone.  Fall is upon us and I know Derrick would be getting ready for deer season.  The deer that once were afraid of him he is now walking with.  I hear the leaves rustling and the wind blowing his name in my ear.  Derrick will always hold a special place in my heart.  He was taken from my family on July 3, 2006, but the memories he provided can never be erased.  From throwing his Bart Simpson doll into the bathtub (needless to say Bart never spoke the same again), to running over the Christmas tree with his power wheels jeep to the way he was very protective of his little sister are some of the many things I will never forget.  Going from driving his little jeep to getting his license and driving vehicles and farm equipment.  From the many rides to school or the sale barn that I provided-priceless. The money Derrick would ask for and I would give willingly, priceless as well.  The laughs Derrick and I would share (usually at someone else's expense and those people shall remain nameless) way too priceless.  Derrick would never leave my presence without telling me that he loved me.  The last time I saw Derrick alive before his accident even in front of a crowd of people, friends included, in a public place he belted out those familiar words that I will never forget-"I LOVE YOU"! The last words I heard Derrick speak lets me know that he and I were "on good terms". This alone brings me peace about his departure from my life.  Though I will never understand why he only had 17 short years on this earth, I do understand that he has a lifetime of eternity in his new home above.  I will miss my beautiful blue-eyed Derrick until the day I too pass from this world unto the Heavens above.  But I know that I will see him again.  He will climb off his stallion, embrace me with a hug and I will hear those all too famous words again.  "I LOVE YOU".

Thinking of you Derrick  / Christine Mom2Angel ^Hendryx^
We're Alike  / Dianne White/Mom Of Angel Nicholas


We're alike, you and I.
We've never met
Our faces would be those of strangers if we met
We would barely perceive the other's presence
If we passed on our walk through the mists
We're unknown to each other
Until the terrible words have been spoken
We're alike, you and I
We measure time in seconds and eternities
We try to go forward to yesterday
Tomorrows are for the whole people,
And we are incomplete now
The tears after a time turn inward
To become invisible to all save you and me
Our souls are rumpled from wrestling with demons.
And doubts and unanswerable prayers.
We're alike, you and I.
The tears that run down your face are my tears
And the wound in your soul is my pain too.
We need time, but time is our enemy
For it carries us farther and farther
From our lost child
And we cry out;
We're alike, you and I.
And we need each other
Don't turn away, but give me your hand
And for a time we can cease to be strangers
And become what we truly are,
A family closer than blood.
United by a bond that was forced upon us---
But a bond that can make us stronger,
Still wounded and not to sure,
But stronger for our sorrows are shared.
written by Judy Dickey

good night son  / Momma
I just wanted to tell you how much I love and miss you.  I know that you already know that, as you are an angel now and can read my mind!!!  I'm sure you are looking over my shoulder as I am typing this.  I am not sure how long it is going to take for me to get back to my old self, but then you know how my "old self" was!!!  I love you son.  Sweet dreams and I will talk to you tomorrow.                MISS YOU BUNCHES!!!  Momma
Thank you. How thoughtful of you too!  / Cathi Clark (a passerby to your site )
You are so caring to stop by and say a little prayer for Justin. Especially after your so recent loss. I am Justin Jolley's Aunt and your thoughtfulness means so much. My prayers are with you that this site is am much a comfort too you as Justin's is to me and my family. 
God Bless you and Derrick. There are now 2 more special angels of God!
Peace & Harmony,
Another lonely day  / Momma
Well, son, today was another long lonely day without you here.  Went to work for a little while, then have been here at home taking care of Matt and Lucy.  She has been acting crazy since you've been gone.  She tries to bite people and barks at everyone now.  Kind of like Maggie did.  Audrey gave one of your pictures to Lee and he has it hanging in his truck.  Katie wants a big one to hang in her house, and Audrey said a couple more of your friends have asked her to get them some.  I have to go get some more ink and paper tomorrow, but as long as it keeps your memory alive, I will print one for anyone that wants one.  No matter how much the ink and paper costs.  I hope you are taking care of Jason. Gage, and Jillian up there in Heaven.  I know your grandpa Ted is keeping you in line!!  I love you and miss you more and more every day.  I can't wait to see you and hold you again.  You are my life, my rock, and I don't know what to do without you here with me.  I love you baby.
Love momma
Missing you so much  / Cindy Howell (Aunt)

My dear nephew, oh how I have missed your precious hugs and kisses. I thought of you on your birthday and made you some brownies. Since I couldn't be there with your mama as  they released the balloons. I want you to know that you will forever be missed. Your Uncle Mark misses you too. I love you Derrick. Enjoy your glorius eternity.

Hard day today  / Momma
Hi son. I hope you are having a good day up in Heaven.  Iwent to lunch with Bev and I need you to wrap your wings around her and keep her safe.  She misses you so much.  Almost as much as I do. I went to visit you at the cemetery.  Your balloons are still flying, the ones we tied to your flowers.  I figured by now the helium would be gone.  But it's not. Your flowers are still alive too. I stayed for a while out there just crying and thinking.  If you knew how much I missed you and you could, would you come back to me?  It has been a really hard week for me.  You would be an adult now if you were still here.  Old enough to make your own decisions, going back to school, probably in love-but then you were always in love with some girl!!  Caitlyn misses you a lot.  I want you to know that I will always love you with all my heart and soul-what's left of my heart anyway.  You took a great big huge chunk of it when you went to Heaven. I love you, son.
Miss you son  / Momma
Hi sweetie.  I just wanted you to know that I miss you more and more every day.  Have you ran into Erica Davis up there in Heaven yet?  She's a couple of years older than you, but from Greene County Tech.  She made her journey to Heaven in February of 2002.  I remember it very well.  I am going to see her mother next week for a visit.  I am supposed to go to lunch with your Aunt Beverly tomorrow if she feels like it.  She's missing you so much.  There is nothing else going on down here.  As I am sure you saw yesterday, Mattie is taking a karate class now.  Keep watch over her for me.  I love you son.  
I'm here for you  / Casey
hi Marsha, thank you for visiting my son richies site. It's been such a short time that ur Derrick went to heaven, and i am so very sorry. Please know i'm here if you ever want to talk. I truly mean that my son died 9 yrs. ago and i'm just as empty as the day he died. My family and so called friends will never understand the pain i'm in I know it's not their fault really but it hurts just the same. No one knows this unimaginable journey we're on but each other. Please keep in touch, feeling ur pain, casey
I miss you  / Momma
Hi son.  Katie and Audrey were here for a little while tonight.  Audrey said Lee is missing you something awful.  They are getting married, supposed to anyway.  Grandma came over today too.  I printed her some pictures.  She is making an album.  She misses you so much.  Bev is sick again.  Wrap your angel wings around her and make her well.  Nothing new is going on around here-just the usual missing you terribly.  I love you.  Have fun up there in Heaven and I will see you soon.

I love you-Momma
10 weeks ago  / Momma
You left this world 10 weeks ago today.  I felt like my life was over, just as yours was.  I can honestly say I still feel that way.  My world is falling apart.  I know that you are in a better place. I can't help but wish you were here on this earth with me.  Your room is so empty without you here. I am so lost not having to go in there and turn off the tv or the air conditioner, gather up soda bottles and cans, and take out the dirty dishes and dirty clothes. I am not complaing, mind you.  If you were here you could keep your room as messy as you wanted-I wouldn't care. I miss you, son. More than any words can say.
Thinking of you,Marsha..........  / Shelly Alwayskennysmom
Hi Sweetie-Hope you got through yesterday ok,Im sure you're exhausted! Hope all went well,Take Good Care.....Wishing you strength......XOXO Shelly
today / Momma
Off to the doctor this morning. Keep watch over me.  I love and miss you so much.  Will talk to you when I get back.

Love, Momma
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