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I am blessed  / Kathryn Carpenter (LeBonheur Nurse )

I am blessed to have known you and your family. I am proud to have been able to care for Derrick. I never had a chance to meet him personally, but I feel like I had known him for years. I would like to thank Derrick's family for sharing him with me and allowing me to know him through their memories.  I truly am most gracious. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to you in your time of sadness. May you find comfort in knowing how many people share your sadness, including myself. I will be praying for you and I know God will be with you during your times of sorrow. Thank you again and love,


Thinking of You Derrick  / Jenny Tavendale Mum To Ross

Thinking of you Derrick as your Angel Date approaches stay close to your precious family and please know that you are in our thoughts at this difficult time God Bless

i love derrick  / Simon Martillo (cousin)
i  miss  you  derrick.  i  wish  you  didn't  have to  go. i  know  you  went  to  heaven.  please  watch  over  me.  i  love  you  derrick.
Happy Birthday Derrick.  / Brandy Julias Mommy

you have no idea  / Nathan Stallings (cousin)
you really have no idea how much someone means to you until they are gone... especially one who truly could not have been a better person than derrick.... i remember the day to the exact minute, i kept thinking you would make bubby, instead i know you are in a better place.... constantly flashing in my head are all the times we had bubby... from when you were a baby to a man, i am so grateful to have those... you were an amazing person and i dont think its still clicked that your gone... its okay tho, because i will definitely be seeing you again bubby.... i love and miss you more than words can express... much love
Thinking of you  / Rosemary Sis Of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans

I just wanted you to know how sorry I am for the loss of your beautiful angel. As I read Derrick's website, I was so touched til the tears were rolling down my face. I could feel the love you have for him in every word. God bless you with peace and comfort. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you all and to precious Derrick. xoxo
Rosemary sis of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans

My heart is with you...  / Melanie Dickinson
Dear Marsha,
Today is the fist day I've had a chance to visit this site and it made me cry and truly made my heart ache for you. Your son was a very handsome young man and this tribute makes me feel as though I knew him. I'm so glad that we've been back in touch. You are in my daily prayers.
Derrick / Darla (Horton) Carter

I just found out from Melanie about the loss of Derrick.  I remember hearing about it, but didn't realize he was your son.  I am so sorry . . . I cannot even imagine what you are going through.  I have one son who means the world to me as Derrick does you.  This memorial you have created for him is beautiful.  I want you to know that you are in my prayers.  

God Bless You!
Thinking Of You  / Diane/ Mom To ^j^ Jessica Brown

Heaven is blessed to
have an Angel as
Beautiful as you

A young man so full of life  / LaurieDreier Jake's Mom
To Derrick's family,
I wish we didn't have this in common, that our son's were almost the exact same age and died.  Yet, I am honored to get to know your son here.  In this part of Iowa, horses and rodeo are BIG!  Also, the county fairs.  Derrick is so handsome, but what is so easy to see is that he lived life to the very fullest!  My heart goes out to you and yours.  We will wait in faith and hope and love till we see our sons once more!
I Dreamed  / Momma
I dreamed last night of Heaven
As I followed you there.
I felt your presence, heard your heart,
I almost touched your hair.

I remember crying
Just because I missed you so.
Though I was right behind you,
I didn't want you to go.

I begged for a reminder
To help me see your face.
A thing to hold and touch
But it left an empty place.

I looked for you in everything,
I asked for you by name.
I know that you were with me there
I'll never be the same.

I dreamed last night of Heaven.
I ache for one more glimpse
Of the love I felt while near you,
And the beautiful heart I miss.

I will love you forever, my sweet Derrick.
I was moved by the story of Derrick!  / Peter Czech
Hi, I came across your Derricks website through Erik Anderson's website. I was a very close friend of Erik and miss him beyond somebody could ever explain. I have to say that I am moved by the life your son has led. I can't imagine what you go through. I visit Eriks mom, mom and fiance, Dale, on a regular basis and can't grasp the difficult times a mother faces after losing their son so young. I know that Derrick would want you to NEVER GIVE UP. GOD BLESS
Derrick and Horses xxxx  / Cindy Kaydes Mommy
. / Gail Mom Crystal Earnhart (^l^ friend )
... / Margaret Taylor (Aunt)

hey big boy!! i sure do miss you. tonight is the parade and it just isn't going to be the same without seeing you ride in it. but i know you still ride everyday now. dennis is going to ride tonight. it will be hard on him also not having you along side of him. let us feel your presence. i have your ornaments hanging and i ordered a fruit basket from the FFA. i know you used to sell them every year. i spoke with mr. potter and he said that if your mom would get a picture together of you then he would hang it in the agri building. maybe after chris gets well she will get on that. we could never forget you even if we don't do anything in your memory. you are  in my heart. before you were pure and perfect we had the same blood running through our veins. i'll love you forever!!

Mom to Mom...  / Kathy(Mom To Matt Jones)
I am so sorry about Derrick's accident.I lost my only son,Matt in a motorcycle accident on May 15,2006.He was 28 years old.It's the absolute worst hurt anybody can ever feel.We should never have to lose our children.Know that you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.I'm here if you need to talk.May God watch over our boys.Hugs,Kathy
Thinking of You and Your Mom  / Dianne White/Mom Of Angel Nicholas

Hello Derrick! Just wanted you to know I have been thinking of you. I have kept your mom in my prayers. Please continue to watch over her so that she makes a full recovery. Also send her lots of angel kisses and a nice firm hug. Love to you both.


Bub. I miss you  / Nick (Cousin)

Bub, there are days I just can't stop thinking about how we never got to see each other that much, ever since I moved in 05.  We hardly ever seen each other.  And we used to hang out all the time. We were basicly like bro's.  I just wanted to say I love you and miss you.  I'll see you one day. Love always - Nick

Derrick / Gail Mom Crystal Earnhart (^l^ friend )
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