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Born in Memphis, Tennessee on September 10, 1988.
His life
Lived his life to the fullest in Paragould Arkansas.  Attended and graduated from Paragould High School and would have started vo-tech this fall majoring in auto-body repair.
June 23, 2006

On this particular morning, Derrick had been picked up at a friend's house by two of his other friends.  They were about a half of a mile from where they were going.  Derrick was riding in the back of the truck.  They went around a curve and Derrick fell out of the truck.  He suffered three massive brain injuries, broke his neck, multiple facial fractures, multiple traumas to his head and neck.  He was transported to Memphis to LeBonheur Children's Medical Center.  He held on for 10 days, but the trauma was too much for even Derrick to overcome.  He was removed from life support on July 3, 2006.  Life will never be the same for a whole lot of people.  He would not have wanted to live the way he would have had to.  He was too active a person.


Taken from us on July 3, 2006, in Memphis Tennessee.  Derrick was laid to rest on July 8, 2006,  next to his Grandma Louise and Grandpa Ted at Memorial Gardens Cemetery-Garden of the Cross. 

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